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Helman Group Ltd

Disposable / Limited Life / Conventional & High Visibility Protective Clothing

Welcome to Helman Group Ltd

Helman Group (UK) Ltd are UK based protective clothing Manufacturers and Importers of a range of quality conventional, disposable and high visibility workwear.

Helman were established over 25 years ago in the UK, and are well known in the safety and PPE market as suppliers of quality products.

Helman offer a stock range of disposable and limited life chemical protective clothing including Du-Pont's Tyvek and Tychem coveralls and accessories and Helman's own MelloBrand disposable clothing range.

Helman also offers bespoke made to order production garments to customers own specifications.

Brands and Applications

Helman Group's own brand of Mello products. Mellobase suitable for non hazardous protection and Melloguard suitable for asbestos removal and low level liquid protection

Helman Group's Melloguard range of 50gsm 5/6 SMS Chemical Protection Coveralls

Helman Group's Mellobase range of 40gsm Polypropylene Coveralls, Lab Coats and Accessories

DuPont's Range of Chemical protective clothing for protection against hazardous fine particulates, chemical spraying and flame retardant applications

DuPont's Tyvek range of antistatic treated Polyethylene Coveralls and accessories are suitable against a variety of liquid or solid chemicals, as well as fine particulates and fibres and biological hazards.

DuPont's Tychem range of laminated Tyvek Coveralls and accessories are lightweight and suitable for comprehensive protection ranging from low toxic chemicals to highly toxic gases and biological hazards

DuPont's Proshield range of SMS based Coveralls are a protective clothing solution that meets less demanding barrier requirements than other DuPont ranges

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