Tychem BT730

EN ISO 374
Product Code: TP730BT/BL
Dupont SKU: BT730 BK UL

Highest permeation resistance to gases and water vapors of any protective material used to make gloves with a second skin feeling. Ideal for short to medium exposure to highly corrosive chemicals, alcohols, ketones and esters.


Tychem BT730 gloves are designed to provide the combination of protection and dexterity when handling ketones and esters. These 14 mil gloves feature a rough grip and a superior resistance to many highly corrosive acids. Their light and thin coating offers a “second-skin” feel with a rough grip, which is ideal for working in greasy and damp environments.

  • Fully coated butyl - Unlined
  • Thickness: 14 mil (0,36 mm)
  • Length : 14 in ( 356 mm)
  • Grip : Rough finish over hand surface
  • Color : Black
  • Cuff Style/Shape : Rolled - Anatomical shape
  • Spraying chemical
  • Corrosive Acid handling
  • Acetone and Ketone handling