Tychem NP560

EN ISO 374-12016 - Type B - AKLMP
EN ISO 374
EN 338:2016 - 2001X
EN 338:2016 - 2001X
Product Code: TP560NP/BL
Dupont SKU: NP560 BK KL

Resistant barrier against a range of chemicals, including acids, caustics, solvents, grease and oil. Ideal for heavy duty work or applications involving prolonged exposure to the presence of solvent.


Featuring a 15-gauge seamless polyester knit liner and a tactile non-slip grip, Tychem NP560 gloves offer excellent support, comfort and protection. The outer neoporene coating offers protection against a wide range of chemicals, including acids, caustics, solvents, greases and oils.

  • Fully coated flexible neoprene. 15-gauge seamless, polyester knit liner
  • Thickness: ca. 55 mil (1,39 mm), Nominal coating thickness: 30 mil (0,76 mm)
  • Length : 14 in (356 mm)
  • Grip : Rough textured finish over hand surface
  • Color : Black
  • Cuff Style/Shape : Gauntlet - Anatomical shape
  • Chemical Handling (mixing/loading)
  • Handling Oily Components
  • Tank Filling
  • Oil Refining